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The generosity of friends of Scouting continue to enable us to provide quality programing and maintain or enhance our facilities,  Here are some recent gifts.



June 26, 2009 -- Family and friends of the late Louis "Fred" McChesney have committed to provide funding for the "Fire Light Pavilion at Seven Mountains Scout Camp, Scout Executive Jim Kennedy has announced today.  Fire Light Pavilion will be located at the current site of the Cub Scout Pavilion   More



May, 2009, Dedicated July 17, 2009 -- Mrs Donald (Doreen) Bailey, her children Donald, and Debbie, along with several friends and associates donated funds for renovation of the Campfire Circle at Seven Mountains Scout Camp   Don was a great friend and supporter of Scouting having served as Scoutmaster, District Leader, Executive Board Member and Juniata Valley Council President.


May, 2008 -- John Halderman, son of the late Sammy Halderman donated a 10x12" Storage Shed for the new Scoutcraft area to honor his father and his commitment to the Juniata Valley Council, BSA.

In November, 2007, Executive Board member Dr. David Maneval announced the formation of a grant through the Centre County Community Foundation to support the Juniata Valley Council, Seven Mountains Scout Camp Environmental Center.  Dr. Maneval's gift ensures our Nature Staff will be will receive training and have the necessary supplies to work with Scouts and the community.

In 2007 -- Thanks to a gift from the Estate of Al Dole and designations by the Executive Board the roof on the dining hall was replaced in the spring of 2007.  The Monaken Lodge underwrote the replacement of the roof on Rimmey Lodge and a gift from Bob Watts enabled us to replace the roof on the Council Service Center.

Buck in the fall of 2005 climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania to raise  money for the Juniata Valley Council, BSA.


Lewistown friend of Scouting "Buck" Headings generously donated a new parade field for Seven Mountains Scout Camp in memory of his father LH Headings, Sr. 

In July 2006 the Juniata Valley Council dedicated Eagle Lodge, a gift from State College businessman Fred Nicholas and attorney Robert Kistler.  The Building features 2 levels accommodating 64 total people with bunk sleeping, a kitchen and shower/restrooms.




Capital Needs Wish List

The Juniata Valley Council, BSA Seven Mountains Scout Camp has several items on our "Capital Needs & Wish List." including building and depreciable.  Opportunities exist for honoring individuals and boninesses.   Contact Jim Kennedy for more information.



Project Name

Project Description

Estimated Cost

John M. Kriner II Lodge

Replace "Pioneer" Cabin with multi-level/ facility.  Dorm style sleeping accommodations for 60.  Lower level would accommodate conference/eating area.  Provide conference facilities during off season and staff housing during summer camp.  


Council Service Center / Retreat Center / Office / Health Lodge / Scout Shop

Multi-purpose facility to house Council Offices, camp administrative services (office, health services, and Scout Shop) conference area, and house weekend volunteer Campmasters. 


Welcome Center / Maintenance Building

Multi-level structure to replace the existing "Brown" Maintenance Building.  New structure would feature Ranger Office, Guest Restroom facilities, area for vehicle storage/repair, and wood shop.  Upper level would feature "drive in" ability for program/ supplies, tent storage and repair.


Property Manager Residence

Replace existing residence which houses the Properties Mangier


Environmental Center Expansion

Build a 1,500 square foot addition onto the existing Nature Lodge deck to accommodate 50-75 participants, permanent displays and year round use.


Cabin Replacement

Replace eroding Cabins (priced each)


Shower House Renovation

Renovate Shower House to include individual showers (rather than "gang" showers.)


Kitchen Retrofit

Re-design and purchase new equipment for the Dining Hall kitchen


Family Camping Area

Develop a separate area for Family Camping


Hard Roof Shelters

Hard roof shelters/pavilions for 13 camp sites, and 2 for shooting Sports area (estimated cost is each)


Donated - Thank You

Parking Lot Lighting

Replace and increase lighting in main camp parking lot for safety and security.


Cub Scout Pavilion

Replace existing Pavilion with a larger on (seating for 100), with cooking area and Restroom facilities

Donated - FireLight Pavilion

Storage Shelter

Storage Shelter for Boats and Wood

Donation  through Recycling CS Shelter

Scoutcraft Storage Building

Building for storage of Scout craft equipment

Donated - S. Halderman
Thank You

Campfire Circle   

Replace seating at Campfire Circle      

Donated - Friends of Don Bailey
Thank You




"Depreciable" Wish List



Project Name

Project Description

Estimated Cost


2 - LP Generators for emergency use during frequent power losses


Tractor Accessories

Purchase accessories for tractor


Track hoe

Purchase Trachoe for camp


Audio Visual Equipment

A-V Equipment for Trainings and large group presentations.  Includes sound system, projection unit and screen


Projection Unit Donated Thank You

Water Heater

Replace Water Heater for the Pool Showerhouse with an energy efficient model

January 2010

Dump Truck

Replace 1992 1-Ton Dump Truck with Plow

Purchased -
January 2009


1/2 Ton Pick-Up Truck

Donated -
Thank You


Purchase replacement Tractor

Purchased Donations By B. Grinder, M. Salvatore, J.H. Bonson, B. Barnish, W. Port, J. Kennedy, Hoober Inc 
Thank You








quantity Item information
4 axes with sheaths 1st year camper program
4 hand axes with sheaths 1st year camper program
4 honing oil 1st year camper program
4 Honing stones 1st year camper program
  cloth / material making patrol flags
6 binder twine / roll or box used for lashing
  knot Board 1st year camper program
  lashing board 1st year camper program
  plant identification board 1st year camper program
  plant identification book 1st year camper program
  Candles 1st year camper program
  matches - self strike 1st year camper program
  propane stove 1st year camper program
25 compass (Directors kit) Camp director's Compass kit from national
6 bow saws with sheaths 1st year camper program
10 rope bowies for marking swimming areas with ropes
12 Youth Mask and snorkel sets Aquatics
12 Adult Mask and Snorkel sets Aquatics
3 sets fins size 5-7 Aquatics
3 sets fins size 8-9 Aquatics
3 sets fins size 9-11 Aquatics
3 sets fins size 11-13 Aquatics
1 Pool Thermometer Aquatics
  Stainless Steel Hooks hanging and storing equipment from the pool fence
1 DPD Powder R-0870 measuring chlorine in pool water
  Sand - filtration Pool filtration Sand
  Guard Tube For life guards
2 Multi-Arrow Fletcher (6 arrow) Archery
6 48" Archery target or target face Archery
4 doz @ Arrows 24", 28", and 30" Archery
2 left handed Compound Bows Archery
12 youth arm guards Standard for all Cub Scouts
6 Adult Arm Guard Archery
6 finger tabs Archery
2 fletching glue Archery
2 100 pack plastic dura vanes same color Archery
1 100 pack plastic dura vanes odd color Archery
1 100 pack nocks Archery
1 100 pack tips Archery
1 pro server for bow string creation Archery
1 extra clamp for BPE Fletcher - halls arrow Archery
4 Picnic table Archery
4 15# compound bows 1st and 2nd grade youth
6 Kayak Plugs (Emotion Kayak specific) Boating
2 larger Kayaks rated 350 < Boating
  marine polyurethane seal oars and paddles
  Leathers for oars Boating
  Back board Boating
  Standard Light Bulbs Camp
  Fluorescent Light Bulbs Camp
  Working Lawn Mower Camp
  Working Weed eater Camp
2 2-4 seat Mule / gator  people / equipment mover and medical
  Sand  Volleyball court, drainage use
  Gravel - Medium road repair
  Gravel - fine drainage / building
  Crush and run gravel path and handicap accessibility
  Industrial shelving Camp
25 leather / Work Gloves Camp
2 Outdoor speakers Camp Fire Area
1 Outdoor portable Sound System Camp Fire Area
  2X4 pressure treated lumber Tent platforms
  1X6 pressure treated decking Tent platforms
  2X6 Pressure treated lumber Tent platforms
1 floor Cleaning machine - scrubber vacuum Dining hall
  Wood Chipper limbs and brush
6 Replacement business radios Camp Office / Camp
4 Desk top computers working with Windows Vista (XP) or 7 preferable
  Safe or strong box Camp Office / Camp
  heavy stapler Camp Office / Camp
  Good Paper Cutter Camp Office / Camp
  whole house fan Trading post exhaust fan for candy
  office chairs  Camp office
12 regular straw brooms Camp Office / Camp
  Weather resistant rope tying tens to frames (replace old)
12 Water hose for each camp site
20 Toilet Seats replace aging seats 
15 Fire Rakes for campsites
  hand carts moving equipment to sites and areas
6 Picnic tables replace tables
  Bulleting Board Material replace aging campsite boards
  push pins Camp Site / Camp
12 Fly rods fishing merit badge - fresh water pond
  fishing hoods fishing merit badge - fresh water pond
  fishing line 4# to 16# fishing merit badge - fresh water pond
  fishing hooks fishing merit badge - fresh water pond
  fishing bobbers fishing merit badge - fresh water pond
  finishing sinkers fishing merit badge - fresh water pond
2 Digital Camera Photography merit badge
  Digital Camcorder Handy Craft
  photo printer Photography merit badge
1 canopy handy craft Handy Craft
2 swivel knives leather work
1 Side of leather for tooling Handy Craft
4 Easel / dry erase board teaching
1 Weather Station Nature / Office
2 adult shot guns 12 gauge Rifle / Shotgun
2 youth shot guns 12 gauge Rifle / Shotgun
  Cleaning supplies for rifle and shotgun Rifle / Shotgun
36 Ear Muff protection Rifle / Shotgun
36 Safety Goggles Rifle / Shotgun
2 spool of 1/4 natural fiber rope Scout Craft
8 ultimate Frisbee Frisbees Sports
9 Frisbee Golf goals Sports
2 Foot Balls Sports
2 Kick Balls Sports
2 Volleyballs Sports
4 sets of flag football flags Sports
4 Push Dust Mops 48" Dinning Hall


Juniata Valley Council, BSA, 9 Taylor Drive, Reedsville PA 17084  (717) 667-9236 (voice)  (717) 667-9798 (fax)